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Vero Beach for Art and Culture Lovers: Museums, Galleries, and Events


Vero Beach is a city located on Florida’s Atlantic coast that has much to offer art and culture lovers. From museums and galleries to events, there is something for every art enthusiast in Vero Beach.

One of the most significant art institutions in Vero Beach is the Vero Beach Museum of Art. This museum features a wide range of exhibitions, including contemporary art, photography, and sculptures. There is also a permanent collection that includes works from artists such as Pablo Picasso and Georgia O’Keeffe. The museum also offers art classes and workshops for both adults and children.

Another museum in Vero Beach is the McLarty Treasure Museum, which showcases the history and artifacts of the 1715 Spanish Plate fleet that sank off the coast of Florida. Visitors can see and learn about the coins, jewelry, and other treasures that were discovered from this shipwreck.

For those interested in local art, there are several galleries in Vero Beach that showcase the work of regional artists. The Galleries at First Pres and the Artists Guild Gallery both offer a diverse variety of art styles and mediums.

One event that art and culture lovers should not miss is the annual Vero Beach Art Club’s Under the Oaks Fine Arts & Crafts Show. This event features over 200 artists from around the country and attracts thousands of attendees each year. The weekend-long event is held in the historic Riverside Park and offers a variety of art styles, from painting to sculpture to jewelry.

Vero Beach also hosts a variety of music and theatre events throughout the year. The Riverside Theatre, which is located in the heart of the city, offers a range of performances and productions throughout the year, from classic plays to musicals. The Vero Beach Opera also hosts events featuring both local and national opera talent.

For those interested in outdoor art, Vero Beach is home to the Environmental Learning Center, which features a variety of art installations throughout its 64-acre nature reserve. The center offers walking tours with knowledgeable guides who can explain the significance of each art piece.

In conclusion, Vero Beach is a city with a rich cultural and artistic heritage. From museums and galleries to events, there is something for every art and culture lover in this Florida gem.

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