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Explore the senior-friendly side of Vero Beach with these exciting activities


As we age, our needs and interests may change, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy life and have fun. Vero Beach, Florida, offers plenty of senior-friendly activities for those who are looking for a laid-back and enjoyable way to spend their time.


Vero Beach is known for its many golf courses, and there are plenty of senior-friendly options available. These courses offer easy cart access, adequate seating, and good visibility for those with mobility challenges. There is a range of golf courses to suit all skill levels, from beginners to experienced golfers.

Boat Tours

The Indian River Lagoon is a fantastic place to explore, and boat tours are a perfect way to do it. These tours offer a comfortable and relaxed way to experience the natural beauty of the lagoon. They typically provide shade and seating for passengers of all ages, including seniors. Take a relaxing boat ride and see dolphins, manatees, and other amazing marine life.

Art Galleries and Museums

Vero Beach is home to a wide range of art galleries and museums that offer a culturally enriching experience. Many museums and galleries have features like seating, ample lighting, and wheelchair access, making them senior-friendly. Explore the art scene of Vero Beach with exhibitions and collections of contemporary and classical works from renowned artists.

Farmer’s Markets

Vero Beach has a lot of farmers’ markets throughout the week, offering fresh, locally grown produce and homemade crafts. These markets are senior-friendly, with comfortable seating and paths for easy navigation. You can purchase fresh food and handmade goods and create delicious meals at home.

Nature Walks

Vero Beach is surrounded by natural beauty, and it’s an ideal location for nature walks. The area offers numerous trails and nature preserves that are easily accessible and senior-friendly. These walks offer the opportunity to experience wildlife, birds, and flora, and some are wheelchair accessible.


Vero Beach has much to offer its senior residents and visitors. With numerous senior-friendly activities, you can enjoy the beauty of the area in a comfortable and relaxed way. Whether you are a golfer, art lover, nature enthusiast, or looking for fresh produce, you’ll find something to love in Vero Beach.

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