Generates AMC Command and Control policies & procedures for 1.5K personnel across 109 locations world-wide. Directs OT&E for 3.4K personnel across 27 locations, develops Unit Type Code postures, advancing global combat employment supporting TRANSCOM. Guides the 1C3X AFSC Air Expeditionary Force & TRANSCOM taskings, and validates deployment sourcing, Force Generation for 6 CMMD requirements.


– As a C2 Operations Program Manager, Mr. Him successfully replaced the primary means of communication for Air Operations to Mattermost between the Air Operations Center (AOC), 23 AMC Command and Control Nodes, and tankers/airlift aircrew members, significantly reducing turnaround times and enhancing communication efficiency.
– Mr. Him’s efforts to transition from Air Expeditionary Forces model to the Air Force, Force Generation model is instrumental in laying the foundation from twenty-two to three Unit Type Code for deployments, that enabled MG23 flexibility for 1C3X1 members to support PACAF AOR with no disruption.
– Rafael directed AMC 1C3X1 Global Force Management Allocation Plan taskings, sourcing  10 units, 4 UTC changes, 0 reclamas, delivering 3 Airmen combat ready in support of  AFCENT & AFRICOM region.
– Mr. Him ascertained critical data from 23 Command & Control Nodes, regarding the utilization of C2IMERA within their wings, thus compiling data points which identified 4 constraints that enabled the future interface for C2IMERA.


– As a Board Director for AgeSmart, Rafael was instrumental in distributing $2 million to vital community programs including Meals on Wheels, Veteran Organizations, and the “Give Care Taskers a Break” initiative, significantly improving support for the elderly and veterans across five counties.
– Mr. Him spearheaded a team of 30 to establish the first ‘Adopt a Highway’ program for the village of New Baden, coordinating with State and local American Legion, culminating in a significant community enhancement project.