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Jackie uses a combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue massage techniques. Her sessions are tailored to meet the individual needs of each client. Jackie’s extensive background as a Physical Therapy Assistant and many hours of continuing education in massage allow her to bring many skills and modalities to each session. Postural awareness and home exercises/stretches are also important to Jackie.

Reasons to get a massage:

  • Relieve tension headaches
  • Relieve tight/tense muscles
  • Relieve sinus pressure
  • Relief of asthma symptoms
  • Overall relaxation

    The most common massage. It calms the nervous system to promote relaxation and relieve stress. There are 5 main strokes used with Swedish massage: long gliding strokes, kneading, tapping friction and vibration. Swedish massage increases blood flow, stimulates the lymphatic system and moves toxins and metabolic waste to promote overall healing.


    Deep tissue massage is targeted at the deeper layers of muscle, tendons and connective tissue. It is used more for chronic pain and to release trigger points/knotted up areas in the muscle and fascia (tough connective tissue-protective layer surrounding muscles, bones, joints, etc).


    Tapping along bridge of nose and on zygomatic bones (cheek bones). Vibrates mucus membrane walls allowing the mucus to break up and drain. Accelerates healing and relieves pain from sinus infection or sinus headache. Can be added to the end of a session. Short technique-about 5 minutes.


    “What would I have done without Jackie at Nirvana Massage is my reflection every day. I suffer from chronic chemical sensitivity asthma. When exposed to environmental chemicals it causes my lungs to become congested and getting the air out is difficult due to the asthmatic reaction. Once a month I visit Jackie for a massage session on my back area which is of great help to me, however, during my visits it is the repetitive percussion that she conducts on my back has helped to loosen up the lungs and increases my air capacity. My Pulmonologist has commented that my lung function has shown improvement since I have been receiving the percussion. He said whatever you are doing it is working and that something is Jackie at Nirvana. Thank you, Jackie, for all your care and concern.” -KL ” I suffer from severe sinus related to allergies both seasonal and environmental. I was experiencing congestion, drainage, and severe headaches. On a visit to Jackie at Nirvana Massage for a massage therapy session, Jackie expressed to me she was trained in Tapping of the sinus cavities. The results were amazing. I recommend this to anyone who is suffering from sinus to consider this therapy. Thank you, Jackie.” -KM

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